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Let Me Tell You WHY I'm Giving You A Free Pack Of Condoms, And WHY I Want You To Wear Them.
If you’re anything like me...
You value your future, you value your time, and you value your health.

Now I’m not saying to go f*ck some scallywag later this week, but if you happen to find yourself in any sexual encounter, make sure to wrap your member up well.

You don’t want to find yourself hitting it raw, with someone you barely even know. With STDs at an all time high in recent years amongst youngsters like us, you’ve got to always be on the defensive.

It’ll be a sad day when you find out that you caught a dick infection, thanks to the the girl you slept with, just the other night.

That is…
 If you don’t use a condom!
With this in mind, I asked myself, what better way to still have fun without breaking the bank?


Sex is fun, and it’s even better when you know you’re protected from all the little nasties out there. You’re free to go on a sexual adventure with peace of mind.

If you’re a young horny guy, these are for you!

If you don’t want to catch AIDS, then these are for you!

If you want to have kids only when you’re ready, then these are for you!

It’s really that simple. It all boils down to...
Being responsible & being mature.
If you don’t wrap up before you slide in,

1. You put yourself at risk for infection, viruses, or even life threatening diseases (many of which are incurable).

2. You run the risk of impregnating your girl (and you’ll be stuck with kids you two didn’t even want).

3. You’ll be much less productive with these huge problems in your life.
Don’t be an idiot!
All it takes is a smart person to wear a condom before you get busy, and you’ll save yourself a ton of headaches in your future.

I have to say that you’re frankly a dumb ass if you don’t wear a condom. Plain and simple.

Get these while they last, I’m only sending out 500 packs, and then they’re gone.

Stay safe,

Connor Murphy

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